In 2006, 8 year old Matthew Cohen learned about the benefits of solar cooking through a school project. From that point on, Matthew stayed actively involved in the solar oven movement. After seeing how the devastating 2010 earthquake left the people of Haiti suffering without electricity and unable to keep their drinking water safe, the then fourteen year old Matthew launched a website to educate people worldwide about the benefits of solar cooking and to help raise funds for Sun Ovens International to send solar ovens to Haiti. Since then, there has been a cholera out break along with a significant decrease in the wood supply for cooking. This inspired Cohen’s 2012 Power From The Sun World Record event. In honor of Earth Day 2012, hundreds of students dressed in bright orange Power From The Sun t-shirts filled the Miami Country Day School courtyard and set the Guinness Book of World Records™ for “The Most Cookies Baked In One Hour Using Solar Ovens”. In addition to setting the World Record, the event raised enough money to send the 40 solar ovens used in the event to Haiti. The overwhelming support of the World Record event inspired Cohen to create The Life Of The Traveling Solar Oven.

The Life Of The Traveling Solar Oven
In an effort to continue to spread the word about solar cooking and gain community support, The Life Of The Traveling Solar Oven begins in September 2012. The project encourages students, parents, teachers, neighbors, friends as well as area restaurants and other local businesses to take part by hosting a solar oven. The oven will be delivered to you with very simple to use directions. The host is asked to cook something in the solar oven, record their experience on video or with photos and post them with the recipe and a small description of their experience on The Life Of The Traveling Solar Oven facebook page. This phase of the project will conclude on Earth Day. The facebook diary will be reviewed and The Life Of The Traveling Solar Oven will choose winners of the following categories: Most Unusual Item Cooked, Most Participants Used or Fed, Best Video, Most Creative Use of Solar Oven and The Chef War.

Becoming A Host
If you would like to become a Solar Oven host, please go to Fill out the form online and a representative will contact you to arrange your participation in the program. We will schedule your Solar Oven delivery and pick up and ask that you complete your project within 7 days to ensure that all who are interested have an opportunity to host an oven. Instructions on how to use the oven will be included. Recipes can be found at, but feel free to use your own creativity to cook up something special! We ask that you use the oven responsibly and only for food or beverages. Hosts must be 18 years of age. Students wishing to participate must have a parent or guardian signature.

Record Your Experience
Think of it as an entry in a diary…or show and tell to the world. Video tape your plan, recipe preparation, cooking and the fun you have eating what you’ve made. If you don’t have a video camera or phone, take photos. We ask that you go to and create a post about your experience and upload your video or photos. It’s that simple. Remember The Life Of The Traveling Solar Oven is all about bringing awareness to the need for and benefits of solar cooking. So have some fun. Help get others involved and inspired by your efforts.

So, Let’s Get Cooking!

Interested In Starting Your Own Traveling Solar Oven Project?

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