Matthew with the Villager

My name is Matthew Cohen. I have been actively involved in bringing attention to solar cooking through the use of solar ovens since 2004. What began as a school project soon turned into a long term passion for me. After seeing how the devastating 2010 earthquake left the people of Haiti suffering without electricity and unable to keep their drinking water safe and their medical equipment sterilized, I launched a website with help from Gregor Richardson. Since then, and with encouragement and creative direction from Bonnie Hirschel at Duckie Design Creative Solutions, I was able to redesign the Power From The Sun website to focus on fundraising and highlight annual events and solar projects.  My goal is to educate people worldwide about the benefits of solar cooking and to help raise funds for Sun Ovens International to send solar ovens to Haiti and other people in need.

In February 2011, I had the honor of being recognized at the Children’s Dream Award Ceremony in Los Angeles for my efforts for committing my time to positively impacting the world I live in. In April 2012, in honor of Earth, my schoolmates and I set the World Record for “The Most Cookies Baked In One Hour Using Solar Ovens”. We raised enough money to send the 40 solar ovens used in the event to Haiti. We continue to hold annual fundraising events and work with local businesses to increase awareness about solar cooking.

Since the earthquake in Haiti, there have been cholera out breaks along with a decrease in wood supply for cooking. Solar Ovens can help improve the lives of Haitians. In 2013, there are still 320,050 people living in displacement camps whose lives could benefit from these ovens.

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Matthew Cohen